“The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”

  • Lori Raffel, Director
  • Type: Christmas Comedy

Audition Dates:

  • Tuesday, August 28 6:30pm - 8:00pm
  • Thursday, August 30 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Performance Dates:

  • Thursday, Nov 29th – Sunday, Dec 2nd
  • Thursday, Dec 6th – Sunday, Dec 9th

Performance and Audition Location:

  • Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy 10029 East 126th Street Fishers IN 46038


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson

The Herdmans were absolutely the worst kids in the history of the world. They lied and stole and smoked cigars (even the girls) and talked rough and hit little kids and talked back to their teachers. So it surprised just about everybody when they decided to take part in the town's Christmas Pageant.

The Herdman kids had never heard of the Christmas story, but the way they interpreted it, you'd think the story of Jesus came right out of the F.B.I. files. (They called the Wise Men a bunch of dirty spies). It was a Christmas pageant to remember. An American classic ... one of the best Christmas stories ever told.


4 men and 6 women (various adult ages), a piano player, 8 boys and 9 girls (ages 9-15) and a singing angel choir (ages 7-10).  The director is looking for young people with self-confidence, good vocal skills, and stage presence.

Adult Roles:

  • Father/Bob Bradley (35-45) - in a handful of scenes in the beginning and end of the show -Happy go Lucky, laid-back family guy that gets sucked into helping with this year’s Christmas Pageant when he doesn’t even want to go
  • Reverend Hopkins (30-45)– one scene character, limited lines, Reverend Hopkins must address Grace Bradley after an incident at the church, he is not happy with what happened, and he is beside himself about what do to do with The Herdmans
  • Piano Player - play piano (simple Christmas songs) during the Pageant Adult Female Roles
  • Mother/ Grace Bradley (35-45) – major role, Typical housewife (1950s), June Cleaver Type, strives to be a good Mother to her children and help others, the Herdmans are an unexpected part of this year’s show and needs to figure out a way to deal with them after she finds herself directing this year’s pageant when the woman that runs everything is laid up in the hospital right before the planning meeting for this year’s show
  • Mrs. Armstrong (50-ish) – supporting character role, Mrs. Armstrong runs EVERYTHING! at the church until she finds herself with a broken leg and has to take a back seat to this year’s Christmas Pageant but she is still there to give Grace all her direction on how things should be done


  • Mrs. McCarthy (35-45) - supporting role, Mrs. McCarthy wants to be Mrs. Armstrong, strong-willed and nosey, she is always looking for the next best gossip
  • Mrs. Slocum (35-60) - supporting role, Happy to share juicy gossip with everyone, she’s the Herdmans’ neighbors and knows all about the no good they bring
  • Mrs. Clark (35-60) - Cameo role (1 line) – part of the gossip chain and too busy to help with the pageant
  • Mrs. Clausing (35-60) - Cameo role (1 line) – part of the gossip chain
  • Piano Player – Could also do a Church Lady role or just play piano (simple Christmas songs)


  • Beth Bradley (female, 10-13) - Narrator Beth goes back in time to tell the story of The Worst Christmas Pageant Ever
  • Charlie Bradley (male, 8-10) – Beth’s Brother, younger than Beth, he is a victim of the Herdmans
  • Alice Wendleken (female, 10-13) – “The Snob” Alice knows everything and when it’s not done right she ventures to let people know either by correcting them or writing it down in her book to report to her mother
  • Maxine (female, 10-13) – Alice and Beth’s Friend she also narrates the Christmas story in the Pageant
  • Elmer Hopkins (male, 12-13) -- the Reverend's son and more than happy to hand over the role of Joseph to Ralph Herdman. He plays a shepherd in the Pageant.
  • Hobie (male, 8-11) - He plays a shepherd in the Pageant.
  • David (male, 8-11) - He plays a shepherd in the Pageant.
  • Baby Angel Shirley (female, 6-7) Baby Angel Juanita (female, 6-7)


  • Imogene (female, 11-12)– Oldest Girl, has a pivotal moment on stage when things about the Christmas story “click” for her and she finally gets it, before that she is mean and bossy and the Herdmans leader, has to cry on stage
  • Gladys (female, 7-8)– Youngest of the Herdmans she is small but mighty and likes to bite, her hero “The Black Knight”
  • Ralph (male, 12-13)– Oldest of the Herdmans and a bully of anyone smaller than him
  • Leroy (male, 10-11)– Steals lunches on the playground at lunchtime
  • Claude (male, 9-10)– Wants to take King Herrod out with a machine gun, causes chaos during Pageant rehearsals
  • Ollie (male, 8-9)– youngest Boy, likes to cause chaos 


  • These kids also play roles in the Pageant including the shepherds and Angel Choir as well as school kids on the playground. Some may have lines, but most do not.

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