CCP was founded in 1993 by a group of individuals interested in presenting live community theater in Carmel, Indiana.  Its first production was Once Upon a Mattress.


Since 1993, CCP has presented more than 60 productions including plays and musicals.  More than 1,500 individuals have either acted on stage or assisted with productions.  And CCP has sold more than 100,000 tickets.


Today, CCP is hardly recognizable.  It has moved from its home at Studio 15 in the Carmel Arts District to Carmel's Clay Terrace outdoor mall.  We moved out of our Clay Terrace Playhouse in March 2018 and are now performing shows at theaters in the Carmel area. I


Our leadership continue to be committed to fiscal responsibility and is focused on serving as a well-respected and exemplary member of the greater Indianapolis theater and arts community.


CCP is also focused on giving back to the local community by offering special savings to Community Heroes (military, police, fire & rescue) and to organizations wanting to provide those less fortunate with the opportunity to experience live theater.  To request special ticket pricing or more information, please email info@carmelplayers.org.