Board of Directors

President Tim Paramore
Vice President Lorie Raffel
Treasurer Larry Montag
Secretaryr Risa Krauter
Member-at-Large Courtnie Janikowski
Member-at-Large Rich Phipps
Member-at-Large Jan Jamison
Member-at-Large Doug Peet
Member-at-Large Charles Hanover
Member-at-Large Dee Timi

Business Division

Business Director Rich Phipps
General Counsel David J. Baker
Executive Producer Charlie Hanover
Fundraising Director *(Open)
Marketing Director Courtnie Janikowski
Electronics Calendar Postings Tanya Haas
Street Banners Charlie Hanover, Vickie Cornelius Phipps
House Administrator Larry Montag
Webmaster *(Open)
Grants / Gift Procurements / Senior Liaison Christine Accetturo
Volunteer Coordinator  
Membership Development & Maintenance Patty Hanover
Community Relations Chairperson *(Open)
Historian Vickie Cornelius Phipps

Artistic Division

Artistic Director Jan Jamison
Technical Director

Roger Bishop

Cabarets Director Perry Accetturo
Cabarets Executive Producer Vince Accetturo
Costume Designer Cathie Morgan
Encore Representative Risa Krauter
CCP By-laws
Download and view Carmel Community Players' by-laws.
CCP By-Laws Revised 2010-04.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [46.7 KB]